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the backplane of your brain

Posted in Nicht kategorisiert on 26/07/2011 by clocktrick

on the right side of the world there is a window that is called fluxx. this is a sight outside your world without any tools. you only must go into that room that is called fluxx-compensator. when you are in then you feel the strong wind and the shiny light. in one or two minutes you are in the second movement and can see what all generations of mankind wanted to see all time – the great nothing, that is the backplane of your brain, the black hole of your thoughts, the blocked senses of your views.


Kein Anschluss

Posted in Nicht kategorisiert on 14/07/2011 by clocktrick

Der, der mich kürzlich angerufen hat, und ich nicht rangegangen bin weil ich anderes zu tun hatte, soll es bitte bleiben lassen.

Es interessiert mich einfach nicht.